​Continuum carpet also contributes to a more sustainable world by using up to 50 percent recycled content in the PET yarn. Mohawk diverts more than three billion bottles from landfills in its recycling operation and utilizes up to 70 percent less energy to produce than virgin polyester. You can read more about from our friends at Mohawk Industries at Continuum. And stop in today to see some of the new styles available in this groundbreaking yarn system. The game has just been changed.


Continuum’s story is about a cleaner process, cleaner product and cleaner planet...

​ We're pretty excited here about adding Mohawks Industries new revolutionary Continuum yarn system to our flooring lines. The new PET yarn system is set to offer our customers a cleaner, greener and better performing PET carpet. Their manufacturing process is reported to be very thorough and quite remarkable, yielding a far superior PET yarn than ever before.

​Starting with high-grade raw materials, Mohawk uses only superior, FDA-approved PET bottle resin, the highest-grade polymer available for the production of PET bulked continuous filament (BCF) carpets.

Once Continuum carpet is tufted, it is sent through a multi-step process that removes 95 percent of lubricants often left on the fiber in manufacturing. Other PET carpets typically can have as high as 10 times the dirt-attracting oily residue that can make carpet look dingy, while abrasive dirt on the carpet can accelerate wear and crushing.

Mohawks Continuum story​.....

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