​The really big changes in the hardwood industry have been multi-fold. The popularity of the laminate floor market and it's adaptable installation methods, or what we refer to as the "drop and lock" floating floor, has allowed a more expansive application for hardwood floors. Allowing them to be used in rooms that at one time were seemingly destined to having carpeting or vinyl floors as their only option.

 Along with the change of installation methods, was the use of the ultra durable aluminum oxide coating in the laminate floor industry. The use of the coating soon began to trickle down into the hardwood industry, changing it forever. Known under different terminology from manufacturer to manufacturer, this coating literally heightened the durability factor for hardwood floors. Typically sandwiched into the UV cured urethane layers, the use of aluminum oxide can slightly alter the gloss levels, giving them a much more softer, satin finish. 

 We carry a full line of varying widths, thickness and species of hardwood flooring from manufacturers such as Zickgraf, Mullican, Kraus as well as Mohawk Industries. Our newest arrival, Mohawks new line of Armormax finish products, are guaranteed to give our clients an even wider range of selections to fit any budget. We offer professional installation with all of our hardwood floors and can cover all facets of any remodel project.

​Hardwood floors have been a staple in the flooring industry for years. And now, more than ever, has so many more options available to the consumer. What was traditionally sold and installed as 2 1/4" wide strips or planks, has now expanded to 4", 5" and 6" wide planks. Available in a solid 3/4" format or 3/8" engineered and installation options in staple, nail down or now "floating" methods, this tried and true product will add unparallelled warmth and beauty to any room.

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