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 Rising from the ashes of the battle between the vinyl and laminate industry, the vinyl plank...or now referred to as LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) is the new breed of hard surface flooring. Available in glue down and float (thanks again to it's laminate predecessor), LVT's are one of the largest growing categories in the floor covering industry. We carry several options in this category, Mohawks New Simplese line of wood grained LVT's and iVC's Moduleo.  Moduleo offers a bit more in it's take on LVT's, giving clients a wider selection in wood grain and stone designs. And with it's Horizon line, you have the option of gluing the planks or going the route of a floating floor installation.  Perfect for troublesome areas of the home such as below grade family or entertainment rooms, where moisture can be an issue. Stop into our showroom today where we have all of these fantastic options and more on display.

​ Perhaps the single biggest change in the vinyl floor industry is the integration of fiberglass backings and layers to replace the age old favorite felt backing. Flexitec being one of the largest. This results in a much more durable product, adding stability to accommodate expansion and contraction. Also problematic areas such as slight floor imperfections & cracking are now a thing of the past. 

​ Of all the categories in floorcovering, nothing has taken more of a beating than the vinyl floor industry. After many years of prosperity and being installed in one form or another in kitchens and baths across the country, the vinyl floor went up against some very stiff competition. From the rise in popularity of ceramic and porcelain tiles a few years ago to the creation and rampant growth of the laminate floor, the vinyl floor industry has had it's ups and downs.  Thankfully enough, because of these new categories, vinyl floor manufacturers were forced to re-evaluate their place in today's market. Now with advanced printing technology and designers paying more attention to color and texture, vinyl floors have been bouncing back from obscurity. New pattern lines now consist of faux wood and tile designs, heavily embossed with realistic textures.  You can feel the knots!  Color lines are now much more varied. From pale soft colors to deep earthy browns and greys, there's something for everyone.